About Us

Ankur International was founded on March 28, 2007 with a mission to help destitute children and mothers, locally and internationally. As of now Ankur International is head quartered in Portland, Oregon, USA without any branch office anywhere. Ankur International became exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)3 of

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Our Mission

    Our mission is to provide assistance to the people who are affected by various critical situations. We focus on the following 3 main areas where we can help an individual or a family to start their new lives. Our missions are
  • To support the needs of people affected by flood, cold waves, or other natural disaster

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Our Causes

Healthcare Needs

Access to healthcare is a fundamental human right, but is not yet available to many of the poor in the remote areas.

Community Development Projects

We always try to bring positive changes in the community through our community development initiatives.

Disaster Relief

We always strive for human dignity and against hunger in the society. We try to help distribution of food in time of natural disasters.

Become a proud Donor

Our goal is to help people in need globally. Your generous contribution makes huge positive impacts on the lives of them. We work with both local and global social services to make the world a better place to live.

Helping others in need is helping yourself