Disaster Relief

We are partnering with a Lebanese non-profit organization, URDA, to sponsor orphan children forced to flee their homes. These children lost their parents, brothers, sisters, and many family members. Many children were killed during the air strikes. Read More

Help Gaza

Ankur International is driving a humanitarian effort to support food and water to Gaza victims. Please come forward and donate to send food and water to the survivors. More than a week after a “complete siege” was imposed and cut off entry of supplies to Gaza, people in the territory are facing an unprecedented crisis. Hundreds of thousands in the north of the Gaza Strip have fled their homes after an evacuation order in preparation for an expected ground invasion – they have nowhere safe to go to. Read More

Help Bandorban flood victims

Floods occurred in Bandarban after six days of continuous rain. The water of the Sangu and Matamuhuri rivers has increased due to the hill slopes coming down from the upstream. More than 10,000 families in the lower areas have become waterlogged. Read More

Help for Cyclone “Mokha” affected people

ঝুপড়িঘরগুলো মাটির সঙ্গে মিশে গেছে, আধা পাকা ঘর ভেঙে পড়েছে, কোনো কোনো ভবনের টিনের ছাউনি উড়ে গেছে, নারকেলগাছগুলোর মাথা ভাঙাI মোখার আঘাতে বাংলাদেশের সবচেয়ে ক্ষতিগ্রস্ত জনপদ সেন্ট মার্টিন। জলোচ্ছ্বাস না হওয়ায় মানুষ বেঁচে গেছে, কিন্তু দরিদ্র মানুষের ঘরবাড়ি টিকে নেই। তাদের ঘরবাড়ি লন্ডভন্ড হয়ে গেছে। দ্বীপে ১ হাজার ৯০০টির মতো ঘরবাড়ি আছে। ৭০০টির মতো ঘরবাড়ি প্রায় পুরোপুরি বিধ্বস্ত হয়েছে। এসব কাঁচা অথবা ঝুপড়ি—টিন, চাটাই অথবা ত্রিপল দিয়ে তৈরি। আরও ৩০০টির মতো ঘর আংশিক ক্ষতিগ্রস্ত হয়েছে। দোকানপাট, হোটেল, রিসোর্টও ক্ষতির মুখে পড়েছে। অনেক গাছপালা ভেঙেছে। আসুন আমরা একত্রিত হই এবং যাদের আশ্রয় প্রয়োজন তাদের পাশে দাঁড়ানোর জন্য আমাদের হাত প্রসারিত করি। Read More

Help Laksmipur Fire Victims

Fire sparked from an electric short-circuit that engulfed 11 homes and other adjacent facilities. Urgent help needed to rebuild homes for fire victims in Raipur, Laksmipur. Details of the incidence is here: https://www.bssnews.net/bangla/national/78962 Read More

Support flood victms in Pakistan

Sunamganj Flood Support

The people of Sunamganj lost their way due to the severity of the flood. Millions of people have become waterlogged. Their houses are under water. Locals say there is no way to get safe shelter in the deep water around. One inch of land without water will not be found in Sunamganj district now. "Every house in our area is under water. Water is flowing on the roofs of some houses. Read More

Help Jhalakathi Launch Fire Victims


60 family buses in Karimpur. It is initially estimated that 50 of their cows were looted. Two cows burned in fire. Laxmi Rani said, three of their cows were looted. Read More

Oxygen support for Bangladesh

The latest wave of the virus in Bangladesh began about six weeks ago. On 15 May there were 261 new cases and 22 deaths reported. On Friday there were 5,869 new cases and 108 deaths - the country's second-highest daily death toll of the whole pandemic. Read More

Help Cyclone Yas Affected People

People in 26 upazilas of 9 coastal districts have been affected by the effects of cyclone 'Yas'. The high tide has affected 26 upazilas of Satkhira, Khulna, Bagerhat, Pirojpur, Barguna, Patuakhali, Bhola, Noakhali and Laxmipur districts. Read More


Saara Fundraiser

In this COVID-19 pandemic time, any of us can be the next victim - think of a day you wake up with corona symptoms or a severe pain and you are scared to go to a doctor’s office or hospital to see a doctor. Don’t worry, just call Saara telemedicine and an experienced doctor will take care of you -no matter if it is a simple or complicated health condition! Read More


Covid-19-Aid-For-Chattogram, 'শ্বাসেরজন্যআশ্বাস’: Covid-19 cases rise, health system in Chittagong is buckling. The 2nd largest city of Bangladesh, our venerable Chittagong is wailing for lack of medical equipment. Providing smooth oxygen support to COVID-19 patients can save lives since most of them are suffering from respiratory problems. Read More

Food for Families

We are raising funds to prepare and deliver packages to families in Bogra (3 locations), Faridpur and Dhaka (Mohammadpur). Each package includes rice, dal, potato, cooking oil, salt, sugar and soap. For $30 you can provide a package of food for a family during the month of Ramadan. Read More

COVID-19 Support

For COVID support we are providing newly designed CPAP (a low cost high flow O2 alternative), O2 cylinders to the areas where there is no supply of O2, Saara telemedicine for all and food bag for families affected. Read More

Winter Cloth Distribution in Bangladesh

As you know, every year the winter comes with cold waves and as a disaster for the needy/poor people in Bangladesh. With your generous donation, Ankur International distributes thousands of winter clothes including blankets to help those who are greatly in need of warm cloth to survive the winter season. Read More

Support 2022 Flood Sufferers of Bangladesh

Severe flood hit Bangladesh again and sufferings of the affected people are beyond measure. Any help will go long way. Please come forward to help. Read More