Educational Projects

Girls Mathematical Olympiad Team


Shahana Parveen Cancer Treatment

Shahana Parveen (64), has recently been diagnosed with late-stage squamous cell carcinoma in her tongue. Latest scans show that malignant growth has spread even on her epiglottis and vallecula. Cancer has progressed dangerously close to her voice-box and lymph nodes. She has been suffering from severe pain, difficulty chewing, swallowing and hoarseness in voice and running potential risk of losing her voice if/when cancer spreads further. Unfortunately, the diagnosis has been very late, and she is not a viable candidate for surgery at this point. She needs to go through a series of chemo-radiation to have any hope of fighting and or containing this lethal disease. Tumor board at Apollo Cancer Centre (Chennai) recommended an expensive concurrent proton radiation and chemotherapy treatment plan to fight her cancerous tumor, while minimizing unwanted radiation on her remaining healthy tissues in her mouth to help her retain as much functionality as possible Read More

Ankur Medical Student Scholarship

Ankur International is supporting a project for the economically challenged students in the remote areas of Bangladesh. Read More

Ankur Undergraduate Research Scholarship

Sutro81 Education Support

Friends who were the ‘class of 1981-83’ (also known as a group called ‘sutro81’) at Rajshahi College, Rajshahi, Bangladesh came forward to raise funds to assist education of offsprings of their friends who are struggling financially Read More

BUET EEE Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship project titled: ‘Prof. Mohammad Ali Choudhury Memorial Award’ and ‘EEE Alumni Excellence Award’ in the Dept. of EEE, BUET Additional project titled: Supporting the development of ‘Mohammad Ali Choudhury Power Electronics Laboratory’ in the Dept. of EEE, BUET. Read More

Mobile Learning App

From its experience with different schools at the remote areas of Bangladesh, Ankur Foundation has found that there is massive scope of improvement in the quality of English Language Learning. Read More

BUET89 Education Fund

Not so long ago, we celebrated our 30 year’s reunion. We remembered the friends we lost, shared the memories we had with them. The list was not small and is growing. The untimely departure is causing a lot of financial hardship for few families. We are initiating this fundraising effort to support the education expenses for the struggling families of our late friends. Please come forward and open your heart and donate for the future of our children. Read More

BUET Project

Help KUET Students

32 members, 1 team, 1 dream, 1 racing car against thousand obstacles. When everyone is trying heart & soul for achieving their dream to represent Bangladesh in Formula Student UK 2020, money can’t be the only barrier, can it? Read More

Dola Foundation

“​Dola Foundation​” is a registered non profit organization in Bangladesh. We are trying to help impoverished people in the society through some projects. Currently, Under “Dola Foundation” two projects are running at Jhenaidah and Magura district of Bangladesh. These are listed below. 1. Kids School at Magura 2. Underprivileged Youth STEM School at Jhenaidah Read More

Ankur Library Support

“Ankur Library Support” helps to support enhancing libraries in Bangladesh. Currently, there are very few libraries in Bangladesh which are mainly supported by the students and residents of the locality. In most of the cases, local residents collect some funds and they volunteer to operate the library. Read More

MGHS scholarship

The goal of the scholarship is to support inner city students who need help to ensure that they stay in class and complete basic education. Students from grade six and seven ..... Read More


The school is a project of socially conscious women for distressed children and is unique in the area creating facilities for distressed children to receive the basic education. Read More

Support Primary Education in the Remote Hill Tracks Area

This project from Ankur is focused on the primary education in the Belaichori union of Bangladesh. Belaichori is remote hilly area in Greater Chittagong Division of Bangladesh. Read More

Swapnanagar Bidyaniketan

Swapnanagar Bidyaniketan, a full-support school in Potiya, Chittagong, Bangladesh, where education is rare thing. Read More

Modhupur School, Feni, Bangladesh

Ankur international has come forward to support Modhupur School Development and continue supporting the annual running cost. Read More

Support Economically Challenged Female Education

Ankur International is supporting a project for the economically challenged female students in the remote areas of Bangladesh. Read More

Support education of Late Tapon Shikder’s two children

Engineer Tapon Shikder was suffering from liver malfunction for some time. Doctors at the end reached to a decision that his liver needs to go through liver transplant surgery. Read More

Support The Family of Nazmul Hossain Litul

We are initiating this fund raising effort to support our frined Nazmul's daughter's education. Read More

Ankur Undergraduate Scholarship

Ankur Undergraduate Scholarship helps financially challenged talented students in Bangladesh. Read More