Healthcare Projects

Save Zuhair

14-year-old Zuhair has been diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma. The cancer was discovered at a very late stage. The first 2 chemotherapy did not deliver anything positive, 3rd chemo showed some progress and with that doctors have decided to pursue a new set of treatments. Read More

Save Doyeta

Doyeta, 13 years old, a 7th-grade student at Govt. girls high school, Narayangonj, was diagnosed with blood cancer (Acute Myeloid Leukaemia). We want to take her to India for better treatment. As per the doctor, it may cost about forty to forty-five thousand US dollars. Cancer treatment is lengthy and very expensive. Read More

Unite for Shakhawat

One of our friends (CHE, BUET batch’93, ex Sher-e-Bangla Hall resident) has been involved in a tragic road accident and we are desperately looking for support. We hope you can be part of helping Shakhawat to recover from his traumatic brain injury and continue to support his family. Read More

Help Varati

One of our friend's wife Varati is very sick. Doctors told them to transplant her kidney as early as possible. They gave her 2 months time. Read More

Save Liaquat

Liaquat was born in a typical middle-class family. Life was simple, with little luxuries. The simplicity of this beginning made him humble but instilled dreams of conquering the world with hard work and passion to excel. Read More

Save Shahid

Mohammad Shahid, age 33, was a contractor in Bangladesh. He had a severe brain stroke and heart attack together on 11th January and he had been in the ICU from January 11th to February 24th. Read More

Help for Polin heart surgery

Polin comes from the village of Daudkandi, Comilla. She is now 38 years old with HSC degree. After her 1st marriage, she was living as a happy couple in Dhaka. In the year 2001, her husband was killed by hijackers. Read More

Save Jabir Mahmud

Our friend Mahmud experienced a parent's worst nightmare last month, when his elder son Jabir Mahmud, was diagnosed with Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL), stage II, a type of blood cancer. Read More

Support Erum Ayaz treatment

Konika Kidney treatment

Konika Arefin (Age: 23 y) is studying in Diploma in Computer Science Program (4th year) in Daffodil International University (Dhaka), is a patient of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD stage 5) from July 2017. Read More

Faruk Ahmed Treatment support

Faruk Ahmed is a talented student of the Department of Anthropology at the Comilla University. His village is Luchonpor, Post: Bakhar Nagar Bazar, P.S: Raipur, District: Narsingdi. He is suffering from Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML), Blood Cancer. Read More

Mohd Ali Ahsan treatment

Mohd Ali Ahsan had an accident back in 2009 which resulted in cervical spine injury with the ruptured disc at C5-6. He went to Singapore for the surgery in 2010. The fragmented disc was removed and fused the disc by bone grafting. Read More

Save Arifa Islam

Arifa Islam is a 1-year old baby girl suffering from Perimembrenous VSD disease from her birth. In order to save her life she needs heart surgery as soon as possible. The surgery cost 3.5 lacs to 7 lacs depending on hospital level. Read More

Save a child from Cardiovascular Disease

In Bangladesh, many children are diagnosed with holes in their heart that need surgery to live a normal life. Many children in Bangladesh diagnosed with this medical condition sometimes get surgery done Read More

Support for Jafar’s medical treatment

Abu Jafar Saifullah (Mahin), son of GM Jahangir Alam, Mech. Eng BUET Batch 88, has been diagnosed with “Ossifying Fibroma” disease at right maxilla (tumor at upper jawbone of right side of face). Read More

Support Mozammel Chowdhury Cancer Treatment

Recently, Mozammel Chowdhury has been diagnosed with stage 4 Lung cancer. His treatment may involve a combination of immunotherapy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. Read More

Treatment for Saleh Bhuiyan (Manik)

A BUET alumni, Saleh Bhuiyan (Manik) (BUET Batch 90 Civil) has been out of job for last several months after his open-heart surgery in New York and has very limited financial ability to keep up with the post-surgery expenses. Read More

Save Sohel Rana from Kidney Disease

Muhammad Sohel Rana, son of a day laborer Muhammad Zamir Malita, a brilliant and popular student and is now in his 3rd year B.A.(Honors) in the English Department at Bangladesh Islamic University. Read More

Save Sukanto Kumar from Viral Encephalitis

Sukanta Kumar Ghosh, a student of RUET, Department of Mechanical Engineering (2013-2014). 80% of his brain has been affected with brain infection namingly "Viral Encephalitis". Read More

Tanu Liver Cirrhosis Treatment

Salma Begum Tanu, Lecturer of Philosophy, at Athar Uddin Haoladar college, Bakerganj, Barisal, Bangladesh, has been suffering from chronic liver disease (Liver Cirrhosis) for past two years. Read More

Save Tahseen Ferdous Tumpa from Cancer

Tahseen Ferdous Tumpa (Architecture, BUET 98 batch) is suffering from Breast Cancer since 2015. Please open your heart with your generous support for saving a life. Read More

Abul Kalam Azad Cancer Treatment

Mr. Abul Kalam Azad, a leg amputee who lost his left leg by a bomb blast accident in 1972, after the liberation war. He needs 6 chemotherapy and 25 radiations now. Read More

Assist Saad for Kidney Treatment

Saad Mohammed Hossain Siddiqui, Former Principal Specialist, Institute of Water Modelling. He has been suffering from kidney failure since August 2015. Read More