Ankur Undergraduate Scholarship helps financially challenged talented students in Bangladesh. Needy students at universities outside Dhaka and other divisional cities greatly benefit from this scholarship as tuition fee is scarce. Each student is paired with a donor to act as career/academic mentor for the needy student. Faculty committee distribute funds and oversees the project in Bangladesh.

1st year applicants must have minimum HSC GPA 4.50 without 4th subject. 2nd and 3rd year applicants must have minimum university CGPA of 3.00. Only students with total yearly family income of Tk. 1,00,000/= ( Tk. 8000/= per month) or less are eligible for this scholarship.

Students must apply online within the deadline.

Online Application Link

Faculty evaluated and need verified applications will be sent to Ankur International from the department. Scholarship Committee may conduct telephonic/online interviews with applicants. Scholarship committee cross verify online applications with facutly evaluation and award the most needy and eligible candidates. Scholarship recipients' result is evaluated in each semester.

Project Coordinators:
  • Raihan Masud
  • Farzana Khalid
  • Shaheenur Akhter
  • Nazmun Shams
  • Fahad Polash
  • Shamsul Abedin
  • Shaestagir Chowdhury
  • Morsheda Khatun

    You can send email to the following email address to reach anyone listed above.

    Ankur University Scholarship:
    [email protected]
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