Team Interplanetar is the Mars Rover Project developer team from Bangladesh University of Engineering Technology (BUET). This team consists of 22 undergraduate students ranging from various departments of BUET and working to gain hands on knowledge about development of all terrain rovers and space biosciences, which combinedly help towards deployment of the rover. Team Interplanetar participated NASA Lunabotics Competition - 2013 to ERC- 2015, URC-2016 (5th position in Phobos Group), ERC-2019 (16th position), it's been half a decade since Team Interplanetar is actively participating in space-related international competitions. Their news has already featured in some renowned daily national newspapers (Links: The Daily Janakantha, The Daily Ittefaq, Dhaka Tribune). Team Interplanetar has two ongoing projects. They are planning to compete in a remote event ERC, to be held in Kielce, Poland with Anweshan v1 Rover and another virtual event IRDC with Anweshan v2 Rover which is designed as a fully equipped and mission ready rover for operation on mars. Their goal is to create an example of a customized multi-purposed system sketch to be used in a more advanced and practical way from our country's aspect, particularly in apparel sectors. Their rover is using inverse kinematics, 3D mapping, ROS operated controlling which is undoubtedly a considerable chance of expansion and up-gradation of the manufacturing processes in this area. Team Interplanetar is targeting this sector and make a 5-year projection plan to devise such a rover that can support the following areas: Focus areas are: Sorting of different manufactured goods using the image and video processing based on settings. Measurement inspection, initial ironing, QC/ QA, etc. utilizing AI integrated with their rover. Packing section automation – accessories attachment, folding, wrapping, cartooning. Carrying the packaged good from the assembly line to the storage to the shipment section.

Recently, on behalf of Ankur International, we talked to them, and they presented their rover project. It looks very prospective to us. However, to carry out their project, they need both technical and financial supports. Regarding financial matters, we need to support them to compete in many global events and represent our country globally. Your contributions would be highly appreciable.

For more info about this group please contact, Tonmoy Saha "[email protected]" and Shaestagir Chowdhury "[email protected]"

And their website:, Facebook Page: "Team Interplanetar"

Their achievement were published in national newspapers and medias:

1) 1) The Daily Ittefaq:

2) The Daily Janakantha:

3) Dhaka Tribune:

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