As Covid-19 cases rise, health system in Chittagong is buckling. The 2nd largest city of Bangladesh, our venerable Chittagong is wailing for lack of medical equipment. Providing smooth oxygen support to COVID-19 patients can save lives since most of them are suffering from respiratory problems. However, in Chittagong Metropolitan area, there is a critical shortage of ICU beds as well as life-saving supplemental oxygen supply and associated accessories. Ensuring uninterrupted oxygen supplies at hospitals appears to have emerged as the latest choke point in the battle against the corona virus outbreak, which is bearing down on the city.

Against this backdrop, we, Bangladeshi professionals living abroad and in Bangladesh, took an initiative to raise funds for providing medical equipment to support and enhance the public COVID-19 treatment facilities. In parallel, we have partnered with Bangladeshi medical professionals across the Globe to provide medical advises, develop treatment protocols, training etc. to help out COVID-19 affected patients. Our project is named as “COVID-19 AID For Chittagong/শ্বাসেরজন্যআশ্বাস”. We have assessed the needs on the grounds and currently sorting out the cost of equipment and relevant supply chain.

We are looking for your humble support; individuals or businesses, to assist us in order to overcome the current lethal and dreadful situation. Primarily, the “COVID-19 AID For Chittagong” aims to raise $125,000.

Depending on the need at specific hospitals, the project aims at supplying the public COVID-19 treatment facilities in Chittagong with the  lifesaving equipments, such as, High Flow Nasal Cannula Oxygen System (HFNO) with accessories, Oxygen Concentrate, CPAP Machine, Bed side Patient Monitor, Syringe infusion pump, Portable Suction device, Level 1 PPE, N95 Mask.

Fundraising goal: $125,000

Deadline: 31stJuly 2020

With your generous and immediate donation, we can provide aid quickly and effectively to the people in need. Please contact any member as mentioned below with questions or concerns:

UK – Tariq Hasan (Phone: +447946261249, Email: [email protected])

USA – Shihab Ullah (Phone: +1 701-205-9351, Email: [email protected])

Bangladesh – Noman Younus (Phone: +8801716554707, Email: [email protected])

Ankur International – Shaestagir Chowdhury, [email protected]

We believe your small help can make a big difference!

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