Ankur International's COVID-19 Pandemic Response

Hope and pray that you, your family and the loved ones are safe and doing well during this difficult time. This is indeed a test. We want to give you a quick update what we have done so far in Portland and Bangladesh.

Summary of Local activities –

We have donated 150 meals for the needy seniors of the community at Meals on the Wheel (MLK center and Beaverton center). We have donated 500 meals for the Beaverton school district needy kids free meal program. Our local volunteers have made 600 masks so far for the local hospitals. We still have more need from the local hospitals and plan to give them 1000 more masks.

Summary of activities in Bangladesh

As of today, based on Johns Hopkins University COVID19 Resource center, the COVID19 affected people in Bangladesh are significantly rising day by day. You can follow the link to know the current situation.

In these challenging times, your donation means more than ever in Bangladesh.

Ankur’s recent PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) drives in Bangladesh - All healthcare workers who are getting our PPE located in the remote areas. We divided the PPEs to Nurse and Doctors as 2:1 ratio. These young doctors are very dedicated in saving lives in the remote areas. We partnered with a nonprofit physician’s org named “Platform” to distribute our PPE in the remote areas. We are probably one of the first US based organizations that manufactured PPE with materials available in Dhaka when there was not even any PPE anywhere to support our health workers. We reached out to Upo-Zilla level and distributed ~ 9,000 PPE.

We initiated food drives to cover slum areas of Dhaka, remote areas in - Rangpur, Dinajpur, Khulna, Hatier Chor, Sylhet, Comilla, Barishal, Jalokhathi, Bogra and many other districts. We plan to cover many other remote areas.

We partnered with local farmers and purchased their product such as, Vegetables, to give them the price they deserve. We distributed so far ~2500 families in various part of Bangladesh. Please visit Ankur’s Face book link for update:

Our food bag approximately contains - Rice 15 kg (44 x 15= 660 BDT), Flour 5 kg (25 x 5 = 125 BDT), Potatoes 5 kg (21 x 5 = 105 BDT), Cooking Oil 1L (95 BDT), Chola 3 kg (3x 70 = 210 BDT), Salt 1kg (15 BDT), Total 1210 BDT.

During this holy month of Ramadan, people need food and we continue to help them with your generous contribution. Please extend your Zakat and any other charities for this cause even though it is small. If you want to donate your obligatory Fitra which is due before the end of Ramadan, please contact Atiq Chowdhury [email protected] or Shaestagir Chowdhury [email protected] to distribute by May 15. We calculated with 1250 BDT (~15$) you can support a 5 members family for 2 weeks. With your Fitra amount which is minimum of $7 (or you can contribute more per person). With Intel matching you can even double your contribution. Would you like to support families who does not have food during this Ramadan? If you donate, please send us your receipt of Intel Benevity so we can keep track of raised fund.

You have supported Ankur before during critical needs. Please come forward and donate through Benevity to receive Intel matching

Non Intel donors can donate here -

We are happy to see many other organizations are partnering with Ankur to do the same. Thank you!

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