An initiative to provide daily essential food-items to the most needy & vulnerable families in Bangladesh affected by COVID19 Pandemic This will be a joint initiative by Buetian 89 Foundation in Dhaka and abroad with Ankur. Ankur is an Oregon based non-profit organization that has come forward to help drive fundraising from USA. Bueitian 89 and Ankur will focus at different regions of Bangladesh to organize volunteering activities to reach out the food to the needy crowd. Last year we had taken similar initiatives and had a huge success. This effort is a continuation of the next phase of the project.

As new Covid waves have re-emerged in Bangladesh, new lock downs are imposed and panic-stricken residents isolate themselves. Low-income people are struggling to survive due to lack of work opportunity. Even wealthy countries like the United States and Brazil are struggling with feeding the needy amidst the mass outbreaks of the Corona virus. One can easily imagine the fate of the poor in Bangladesh, where a massive people live under the poverty limits and survive from hand to mouth. Amidst lock down there is no possibility of earning the livelihood. Hence organizations like Buetian 89 and Ankur have come forward to raise fund and outreach to some of the impacted crowd who can barely survive managing daily food and nutrition during this turbulent time. Our large volunteer base in Bangladesh will be able to cover a wide range of Covid hit places throughout the country. Here are some key points of the project –

Your donation is Zakat eligible

• Tentative duration of this Charity project/initiative: ~3 months

• Targeted number of Families to serve every week = ~150

• Cost of serving each week = TK 75,000

• Cost of serving 1-month (4 distribution i.e. 1 per week) = TK 300,000

• Cost of serving for 3-month = TK 900,000

• Total Targeted Budget (Goal to raise) = USD 15K

• Any additional fund raised will help to serve more needy families

How to Donate

1. Online by credit card via Paypal .

2. Folks from Intel will get a matching donation from the company. Here is what you need to do – Please donate through Benevity:


and enter “COVID-19_Buetian89” in the comment section. Your donation to Ankur is tax deductible.

3. After you donate, please send a note to the people listed below so we can track the donation and it’s matching easily.


Coordinators –

• Zoadat Rahman Romel ([email protected])

• Monzur Hossain ([email protected])

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