Join Bay Area community campaign to provide food for 1000 needy families and Iftar for Homeless people in Bangladesh during the month of Ramadan amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are partnering with Ankur International to raise funds to prepare and deliver packages to families in Bogra (3 locations) and Dhaka (Mohammadpur). Each package includes rice, dal, potato, cooking oil, salt, sugar and soap. For $30 you can provide a package of food for a family during the month of Ramadan. Essentially it comes down to $1 for 1 family each day. An entire family can be supported for a day with less than one drip-coffee cost! We ask that you support as many families as you can.

The people of Bangladesh are facing increasingly difficult circumstances. Due to nationwide lockdowns many people are:

· Unable to work and earn income

· Unable to get food and supplies

· Unable to support themselves and family

You have the power to reduce suffering during these uncertain times, Inshallah. Please donate generously by supporting 5, 10, 15, 20 or more packages. The more you donate, the more Barakah that you will receive from Allah SWT.

Iftar for Homeless People in Dhaka:

All the homeless people who would go to the Mosque for a bite to eat at Iftar during the month of Ramadan can no longer do that because of the lockdown. We have taken an initiative to distribute cooked food for the Iftar in the Mohammadpur and Badda areas. An example of food that will be distributed is Kichuri consisting of rice, dal and chicken, some dates, and a bottle of water. We found a restaurant owner who would provide facilities to cook the food and provide logistical support free of cost. From our initial survey we found that approximately 200 people will be part of this for a given area. Each package will cost around $2 to produce and distribute. We are not setting any target of collection for this effort. We will do our best to run the entire Ramadan until funds dry up.

If your company supports donation matching, please submit your for that. Ankur International became exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code since March 28, 2007. Contributions to Ankur International are Zakat eligible and tax deductible.

We will continue to accept donations until COVID-19 situation improves. This is to ensure uninterrupted food support for our covered areas.

Update as of 27th Ramadan (May 20th, 2020):

Package of food distributed (target 1,000): 550 (rice, dal, potato, cooking oil, salt, sugar and soap)

Served cooked food: 7,000 (Kichuri consisting of rice, dal and chicken, some dates, and a bottle of water)

Please contact Roushown Alam ([email protected]), Sayeem Ahmed ([email protected]), Asif Ahmed ([email protected]), Atiqur chowdhury ([email protected]) for more details.

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