Floods occurred in Bandarban after six days of continuous rain. The water of the Sangu and Matamuhuri rivers has increased due to the hill slopes coming down from the upstream. More than 10,000 families in the lower areas have become waterlogged. As a result of continuous rains, the communication has been stopped in Lama-Alikdam, Naikhyongchari, Rowangchari, Thanchi and Ruma upazilas of the district. Meanwhile, although the rain has subsided in the city since morning, the waters of Sangu, Matamuhuri and Bakankhali rivers in Bandarban are flowing above the danger level due to heavy rainfall upstream. Nearly 1 lac people in the district have become waterlogged. Army Para, Islampur, Ujani Para and Madhyam Para riverside areas, Kashempara, Langipara, Bus Station area, Hafezghona, Wapdabridge have been inundated due to continuous rise in water. As a result, the overall flood situation of the district is deteriorating. The water of the river has entered the city through various drains, including Armypara, Islampur, Officers Club, Banani Samil area, Sher E Bangla Nagar and some areas along the banks of the Sangu river. In addition, the low-lying areas of Lama, Alikadam, Rawangchari, Ruma and Thanchi upazilas of the district have been flooded.

Meanwhile, Bandarban along with Thanchi has been completely shut down due to major landslides in the area adjacent to the Nilgiris and it may take a few more weeks to return to normalcy. Similarly, the inter-connecting roads of all the upazilas with the district headquarters of Bandarban are cut off due to landslides and road subsidence in various upazilas. Also, due to continuous rains, the Baradura-Kalghar area of Bazalya on the Bandarban-Keranihat road has become submerged and the road has collapsed at some places on the Bandarban-Rangamati road, and the road communication with Bandarban is still closed.

We plan to provide relief for the stranded people and would like to deliver this relief to at least 500 families.

Rice 5 kg = 250 ৳ Dal 1/2 kg = 70 ৳ Water = 60৳ Oil 1/2 liter = 100 ৳ Onion 1/2 kg = 25 ৳ Potato 2 kg = 70 ৳ Total = 575 ৳

We hope you will be with us.

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