Polin comes from the village of Daudkandi, Comilla. She is now 38 years old with HSC degree. After her 1st marriage, she was living as a happy couple in Dhaka. In the year 2001, her husband was killed by hijackers. After her husband was killed, she built up a career as a beautician to maintain her living expenses. Sometimes her siblings used to help her.

After few years, she got married again. Her new husband was working in Saudi Arabia. In the meantime she became sick and the doctor diagnosed to replace her one heart valve. Some family members from the US who personally knew Polin helped in her first surgery cost hoping that after the heart valve replacement, she can go back to normal life. She recovered. But her next phase of the challenge was to give birth to a child for her second husband. Unfortunately, she could not give birth to any child. After few years; her 2nd husband divorced her.

Recently she has become sick again and the doctor has advised her to replace another heart valve. In the meantime, her mother passed away (father passed away a long time ago) and her siblings are not coming forward to help her financially.

Polin will need $10,000 for her heart surgery and post-surgery recovery. We are requesting you to come forward to help Pilon to survive.

Please contact Altaf Sarker "[email protected]" for more details.

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