Sumaya Khatun Meem. Student of 2K17 Batch from Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Khulna University of Engineering & Technology, has been suffering from CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE (lupus nephritis and severe renal failure) End Stage 5. She is currently taking Dialysis treatment but needs Kidney Transplant as soon as possible. The transplant operation (in India), Donor management, transportation, pre and post-operation cost is estimated to be EUR 23000 (or BDT 20,00,000). Meem and her family are unable to bear this huge expense all by themselves and are asking for your help.

Please come forward and help our sister to survive. Your contribution, no matter how small it is, can make a big difference in saving a life.

Please contact Naznin Jahan Afrose "[email protected]" or Shaestagir Chowdhury "[email protected]" for more details.

Beside Ankur International donation links you can donate to the following contacts -

Bkash: 1. 01515254469 (Pulok LE15) 2. 01686619407 (Piyal EEE15) 3. 01986613694 (Mahatir TE’15) 4. 01839132042 (Alvi TE’15) 5. 01734541185 (Labib TE’15) 6. 01797715605 (Sayem ME’15) 7. 01720527779 (Jibon TE’15)

Rocket: 1. 017345411855 (Labib TE’15) 2. 017733517944 (Pulok LE15) 3. 019866136946 (Mahatir TE’15) 4. 017205277793 (Jibon TE’15)

Nagad 1. 01986613694 (Mahatir TE’15)

Bank: 1. Shoab Md. Iftekhar Talukder Dutch Bangla Bank Limited Habiganj Branch,Sylhet. A/C: 187.151.88002 Phone: 01720527779 2. Rashedul islam Dutch Bangla Bank Limited Elephant Road Branch A/C: 126.151.0134.968 phone: 01990409072 3. MD. Mahathir Rahman Janata Bank limited KUET corporate Branch A/C: 0100090534828 Phone: 01986613694

PayPal: [email protected]

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