Help Mohammed Mainur Rahman (Shuvo) suffering from complete paralysis:

Mohammed Mainur Rahman (Shuvo) is a former BUET student from batch ’92. He is the son of former BUET EEE professor and Dept head Dr. Muzibur Rahman.

Shuvo suffers from a rare disease known as Moya Moya, where blood flow to the brain gradually diminishes due to the thickening of the artery walls leading up to the brain.

As blood flow gradually becomes more and more restricted, the patient begins to experience minor to major strokes.

The only cure for this disease is to undergo bypass surgeries in the brain, which then resolves the blood flow problem.

In Shuvo's case, he was supposed to first get a surgery on the right brain, followed by a surgery in the left brain a week later.

Unfortunately, shortly after his first surgery, he underwent a massive stroke on the left brain, which has basically left him completely paralyzed from waist down as well as on the upper right side of his body.

His cognitive and other senses including speech have all been affected due to the stroke.

After almost a year in ICU and various other facilities, he went through intensive therapy without much success.

He is currently in a rehabilitation center with limited hope of getting better. His speech is still very limited at best.

He has 2 young son and wife. Wife works several odd jobs to get by.

For any question, please contact Ehsanul Karim: [email protected]

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