Md. Ruhul Amin Biswas, Nickname is Mukul around 40 years old used to live in Los Angeles who had been suffering chronic disease since the beginning of 2013. Initially, he had a brain tumor which later turned into Glioblastoma cancer ( very dangerous cancer and start with stage 4). He went thru surgery three times at UCLA medical center and finally tumor being removed successfully. After surgery, he had several chemotherapies to control his cancer. Alhamdulillah, by the almighty of Allah and your Doua, he was doing fine for 3 years without any major concerns. But he was not able to do any physical works and mostly staying home. But his cancer returned at the end of 2016 and attacked severely to his liver and lunge which turned to worst calamity in his life. Doctors from UCLA could not figure out what needs to be done to take care of his cancer. His pulses dried out and whatever foods he was taking did not digest correctly. He was in hospital ICU and normal bed for several months. He went thru another surgery ( liver) last October/2018 but it didn't go well and his condition gradually getting worse and stayed in the hospital since then with nurse/doctor supervision. Last week of July, per doctor recommendation, the hospital released him and told his wife that his liver and kidney are functioning less than 5% and could be died very soon. Liver and kidney transplant might be possible but since he had Glioblastoma cancer which damaged his ant-immune system and unlikely he would survive. He was staying at home and got 24×7 nursing support from Hospital. His family called all relatives to see him based on his situation. I visited him before the last weekend and got scared of seeing his physical conditions. It was reminding me every moment that it could happen to us anyone at any time. He was in a coma several days and passed away last Friday ( 8/9/2019) at 6:30 am. Inn-Lillahi Wa-Inna ilahi Rajeun.

He left 2 kids ( one is 5 and another is 3 years old and both are a girl) and his wife with a dire situation. He had spent all his earning for his medical treatment in the last several years. He was the only earning member in his family. It is very difficult and hard for his family to maintain with minimum standard any more without your support. He was disabled since 2013. His family was getting disability support ( $1300 per month) and his wife works an hourly job to maintain somehow their family. His family will not get any more disability support I visited him from time to time and do help whatever I can do from my side. The local Bangladeshi community is helping him endlessly. But broader community support is indispensable for his family.

As humankind, it is our responsibility to come forward and support his family.

Please contact to Faruque Ahamed ( [email protected]) for more details.

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