60 family buses in Karimpur. It is initially estimated that 50 of their cows were looted. Two cows burned in fire. Laxmi Rani said, three of their cows were looted. Four cows of Bhabesh Roy have been taken away. Kanika Rani said, there were goods worth one and a half lakh taka in the grocery store. All burned to ashes. You are roaming around with that ash, in the hope of getting something. Said in a loud voice, ' Everything is over! What else is left except getting upset with what to live with! ' Everything in Nanda Rani's house has been burnt to ashes. Her husband Pradeep Chandra Roy's only auto rickshaw was also burnt. Relatives are coming from far away to see. May his tears never stop hugging his relatives. Houses of the Hindu community burnt down in the fire given by the miscreants in Borakarimpur village of Pirganj upazila of Rangpur. Nanda breaks down in tears in front of the burnt room.

Let us stand by these helpless families. We want to build burnt houses and provide food bags.

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