Faisal got diagnosed with rectal cancer approximately two years back. Unfortunately, the disease spread very fast early this year. He was admitted to MD Anderson Medical Center in Houston, TX, for his treatment. MD Anderson is the largest cancer facility in the world. Due to different complications arising from his treatment and health conditions, the doctors at MD Anderson did not want to pursue the conventional treatment further. Faisal got bed ridden and without any hope for any improvements from his disease.

Faisal and his family did not want to give up the fight with cancer easily. They found that there is an alternative treatment for cancer through immune boosting therapy. Many have gotten benefit from these treatment options. This treatment is not supported by his insurance and is expensive. Still, the family wanted to try the treatment. He has gone through 4 weeks of therapy with close family helping with $50K+ expense and it is showing some positive results by the will of God.

Faisal will need another five more weeks of treatment at a minimum to fully evaluate his response to the therapy. The inpatient treatment costs about $10,000 per week. Also, two months of follow up home treatment will be required. The home treatment costs about $1,600 per week. With an already lengthy inpatient stay at MD Anderson, a considerable amount of medical bill has already piled up, along with the rehabilitation afterwards.

While Faisal’s progress is encouraging, he has an arduous journey ahead to regaining all his abilities and returning to the life he had with his wife and 4 year old son. We ask for your help with any donation amount possible to help relieve some of the financial pressure off of Faisal’s family throughout this difficult time. All funds will be going directly to his family to help pay for his medical bills.

Please donate generously to save a life.

For any question, please contact Ehsanul Karim Nazim: [email protected]

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