From its experience with different schools at the remote areas of Bangladesh, Ankur Foundation has found that there is massive scope of improvement in the quality of English Language Learning. The scarcity of English teachers at the peripheral areas make it extremely difficult to address this problem in traditional ways. The recent penetration of smart phone, labs founded by the Government, and introduction to electronic learning materials in the Covid situation has encouraged us to try for a cost-effective solution for this problem, i.e., development of Interactive Language Learning Application for Web and Android platform. Unlike existing applications for international students, the contents will be developed considering the cultural context of Bangladesh so that the students can relate better. there will be special care using Bangla annotations to cater to the need of our students of different levels.

A team of 4 students from the Dept. of CSE, BUET under the guidance of a faculty member is developing the applications and another language team will develop the contents. To facilitate the students working in this project for around 6 months, we are raising a fund. We expect this application will benefit numerous students of Bangladesh for a long period. Our volunteers will provide onsite training to the schools we work with.

Please contact Dr. Anindya Iqbal "[email protected]" and Shaestagir Chowdhury "[email protected]" for more details.

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