Mohd Ali Ahsan had an accident back in 2009 which resulted in cervical spine injury with the ruptured disc at C5-6. He went to Singapore for the surgery in 2010. The fragmented disc was removed and fused the disc by bone grafting. The recovery was excellent. On November 11, 2017, Mr. Ahsan was rear-ended at his residential city in Canada. This caused again cervical spine injury around the same area with multiple disc herniation and prolapse. This time C4-5 and C6-7 are herniated and prolapsed which are compressing the spinal cord and is causing extreme pain, numbness and severe weakness in his both arms. He is taking a very high dosage of pain medications, spinal injections for the last 10 months and waiting to see the neurosurgeon. In Canada, the process of getting a specialized doctor is painstakingly slow. Mr. Ahsan still has two months away to see the Neurosurgeon for the first appointment. And then it is unsure whether the surgeon will advise surgery or keep him under conservative treatment longer. Even if the surgery is decided, it will be again about a year to wait to get the date. His condition is worsening day by day. Currently, he lost his balance and coordination hence can’t walk without walking aids. We are unsure how long it will take to get the treatment in Canada as the wait time for the similar cases are as long as a couple of years. He is off-work since the accident and on disability. He contacted several surgeons outside Canada including USA, Germany, Singapore, India, Austria, Russia and Cayman Islands. All the surgeons opined for Artificial Disc Replacement. Here is an example of the opinion of one German surgeon Dr. Bierstedt, Illerhaus: “findings- severe degenerative disc disease, herniation and prolapse in C4/5 and C6/7 compression of the spinal cord i.e. osteophyte complex and disc herniation could cause myelopathy and partial paralysis. Advice for soon surgical decompression by total discectomy and osteophytectomy in order to avoid neurologic deficits. With disc replacement motion (head motion) will maintain. Implants allow lifestyle without physical limitation.” We are now scared of his deteriorating health conditions and trying to go for surgery outside Canada at the earliest to prevent further permanent damages. The estimated cost of the surgery varies in different countries. From Canada, we found Germany is the most convenient, reasonable cost and reliability of the surgeons. The estimated cost will be approximately 40,000 USD in Germany which will cover treatment and all associated costs including travel, accommodations, and food.

Mr. Ahsan’s whole family was involved in the same car accident and going through a very difficult time. His wife has a fracture in the middle back and his daughter had concussion due to a head injury. They are still recovering.

If you, or anyone you know, are able to extend your generous hands for the cause, Mr. Ahsan and his family will be grateful forever. No amount is small; every penny counts. Your generous support may bring blooming smile to him and his family members. Your support and prayers will make all the differences! Your Donation through Ankur International is Tax Deductible.

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