Nargis Nahar has been fighting with Ollivoponto Cerebral Atrophy for the last 12 years. This illness is slowly reducing her motor functions and the condition is deteriorating as time is passing. Medical science hasn’t been successful yet to find a cure for this genetic degeneration, while stem cell research is publishing promising results improving the muscle reflexes as well as slowing down the degeneration of the brain’s cerebral cortex. Mrs. Nahar’s family has been able to locate a clinical facility to run the experimental treatments which require multiple phases of the treatment, with an estimated cost of 19 lakhs BDT (approx. $22,000). Given the long-term diagnosis of her medical condition for the last 12 years, her family is completely out of means now to bear the expenses for the experimental treatment, while given the time it is critical to make an effort to treat her, rather slowly let this once lifeful person decay out slowly surrendering to this rare disease.

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Project created on 3/9/2022

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