Braking Cycles – A transitional Youth program

Braking Cycles is a non-profit established to celebrate what makes Portland most beautiful, raise awareness in what is darkest, and utilize the tools at hand to create a platform of healthy opportunity for the marginalized youth of this great city. Braking Cycles is committed to offering hope and tangible services that will provide youth a place and opportunity to dream, reach, and achieve.  We believe this is where healthy self-sufficiency can become the new cycle.

Join Transitional Youth as we work to help young people move from homelessness to community.

We seek to bring them purpose, a voice, and the good news of a forever-home as children of a loving God.

Transitional Youth works to meet the needs of youth on the streets. We facilitate positive transition to healthy life choices. We offer job-skills training and a life in functional community.

We share the sacrificial love of Jesus. We live in the truth that He came to save us all for His glory and our well-being.

You can play a part in our bringing these dear young people the hope and future they seek.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?
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