Dr. Omar Reda is a board-certified psychiatrist at the Providence Health System and a Harvard-trained trauma expert, he is the founder of Project Untangled that aims to break the cycles of dysfunction caused by trauma. Dr. Reda's model of care is implemented in many communities subjected to trauma in the USA and Canada, and also with refugees in Libya, Syria, and Bangladesh.

He is the author of many books on the topics of family bonding and youth empowerment.

Untangled's activities are many, including education through community forums, training of staff, creation of safe spaces, building meaningful resources and providing culturally-sensitive clinical care.

Among its local projects, Untangled runs Camp Silah and the OMMA monthly clinic, also hoping to open a youth center in Portland. Among its global efforts are frequent trips to refugee camps and disaster zone to help build psycho-social health services and emotional well-being infra-structure.

For more information please visit https://projectuntangled.org