An appeal to help our beloved BUET Professor Alamgir Habib Sir's wife

This is a request from our respected BUET professor Alamgir Habib Sir's daughter, Shuvra (Nuzhat Pervin) for her mom's (Ms. Mumtaz Previn Hussain) cancer treatment. We have known Shuvra for a long time and she is not someone who makes such a request until in an extremely urgent situation. We all probably know sir passed away 1.5 year ago and since then her mom was suffering many issues. Shuvra brought her here for treatment and found that the situation is beyond her capability.

Sir's wife has been diagnosed with multiple Myeloma Cancer. She has gone through several blood transfusions. Her chemotherapy needs to start by 19th May, 2022 for her to survive. Initial cost for treatment is approximately $80,000. In this situation Shuvra feels completely lost and helpless.

Let us help Sir’s family and support as much as we can. Please contact Kanij Fatema (Monisha), EEE, BUET Batch 90, "[email protected]" or Fahmida Khatun, CE, BUET Batch 90, "[email protected]" for further information.

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