An appeal from an young student

I am Farhan Hoque Usmoy, a 152-batch EEE student at North South University, Bangladesh. My life revolved around my mother and I grew up in Granny’s after my father left us. I had to continue to study so far with great difficulty. From my early age I suffered from Urine Infection and subsequently took shape in Nephritis. On 2010 I did biopsy at NIKDU Hospital and was diagnosed "Minimal change disease". I was doing well for seven years, but the disease suddenly reappeared. Then from 2017, I was treated at CMC (Vellore, Chennai) and then I was diagnosed with "Chronic Kidney Disease" in 2nd biopsy. Doctors over there had the opinion that my kidneys would soon be damaged. Sometime went on, I was managing regular doctor checkup in Dhaka. Then suddenly on March this year my physical condition got worse. Due to high blood pressure, blood got clotted onto eyes and creatinine becomes 22 in blood. Doctors hurriedly started dialysis through my throat catheter. I had to get dialysis 2 times a week and injections every week to make blood. Due to lack of financial transparency, I could not get 3 dialysis a week, and I suffered from a serious illness every time. My body's immunity was reduced due to lack of kidney function and I was suffering from dengue, arthritis (gout), piles, eye problems and Dental decay disease. All the money I had was almost finished for treatment so far. Even I was unable to continue dialysis. Then applied for help in various places and also applied for help through post on Facebook. Meanwhile, the doctor suggested I have to transplant kidney quickly, otherwise my body was breaking down. Many brothers and sisters from home and abroad sent me help after reading my previous article. With that money I got dialysis for five and a half months and the kidney transplant money was managed.

I had to stay in Delhi for a long time because without Delhi my kidney transplant would not be possible. DNA testing is done everywhere in India, as it is in Dhaka and I have no relatives who will donate me a kidney. But here I am in more danger. The money I brought here is very low than the cost. Delhi's treatment and living cost is very expensive. In Dhaka I had dialysis twice a week, the doctor gave me 3 dialysis a week due to kidney transplant. Where the dialysis cost in Dhaka was 3500 taka, here it is 5535 rupees. And for blood production in the body, I used to take one injection in Dhaka for 2500 taka a week, now I have to take two for 2400 rupees. Meanwhile, my arthritis pain increased in the cold the next day I came here, and I had to be hospitalized for two days where the bill of Rs. 1 lakh had to pay. Moreover, the agent who brought us here said about the expenses while staying in Dhaka, they came up with the cost of DNA match report + donor stay + medicine costs and added 3000 more dollars. There is a phrase, whichever way the unlucky looks, the sea dries up. Same here for me. Ten in hundred kidney patients has arthritis (gout), of which five is visible gout. I'm one of those five. Now if it is not treated as soon as possible then the new kidney will be damaged due to my uric acid. I can no longer dare to see a doctor for other diseases.

At this point, my treatment is stopped due to lack of money again. So I need help from everyone again. If the money is not raised now, the whole problem will be in vain and I will have to survive on dialysis like this. Please help me as much as you can. Your little help can turn me back to normal life.

Please contact Zamia Chowdhury ([email protected]) and Dr. Nusrat Ahmed ([email protected]) for more details.

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