35 years old Harun, father of two young children (4, 10) is suffering from stage 2 colon cancer. He has been suffering from severe stomach pain, extreme discomfort in rectal areas for the last 5 months. It was mistreated as an appendix issue and wasted 4 months and lots of test, treatment costs until diagnosed as cancer.

In personal life he is a hafiz and was making money to support his family . However, during corona he was sent back to his village from his service in Bahrain. But he was living okay with his small savings and temporary jobs. However, with his health issues, he spent almost all of his means. He needs to go under immediate surgery followed by chemotherapy and other related treatments to save his life. All together it will cost 6 to 8 lakh which is impossible for him to bear. In these circumstances, he is urging Ankur international for financial assistance. He is under treatment at Feni Sadar hospital.

Name: Harun or Rashid
Father: Jafor Ahmad
Village: South Taralia, Fulgaji, Feni.

If you need further information, please contact:
kanij fatema: [email protected]

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Project created on 6/11/2022

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