A humble beginning

Liaquat was born in a typical middle-class family. Life was simple, with little luxuries. The simplicity of this beginning made him humble but instilled dreams of conquering the world with hard work and passion to excel. Liaquat did everything right. He knew there were no short-cuts in life. At a very early age, he strove to do the best. He spent his days being the ideal son of his parents. Listening to his mother’s wishes was the greatest joy in his life. He worked very hard all of his life. For better education, his parents asked him to try hard to get admission in Barishal Cadet College which was very competitive. He worked tirelessly to get admission. He did not disappoint his parents. But getting admission in Barishal Cadet College was just the beginning of his long and arduous journey toward the dream life his parents envisioned.

A blessed life

He earned a BSc in Civil Engineering, and also an MBA. He finally found his significant another half, and got married.

A loving family

The couple eventually got blessed with a daughter and a son. Raising them properly with the right values became their number one priority. Liaquat finally got a perfect life with a loving wife and children who are following their father’s lead.

All brothers are lost

Liaquat was fortunate to have 4 brothers who would be by his side when needed. But all of these brothers lost their battles with the same liver disease and lost their lives at the ages of between 45 and 50. Around the same time, his mother was also claimed by the same liver disease. Losing all of them was an emotional blow to his father who also died of a heart attack. Being the primary bread earners of their respective families, each brother also left their families scrambling for financial help. Liaquat stood by his brothers’ families. With a meager salary of a government job, Liaquat had little room to save for a rainy day after taking care of his own family and helping the families of his brothers.

The worst nightmare

Now Liaquat is about 47 years old. He has been diagnosed with the same liver disease as his brothers. He has seen the best doctors in Bangladesh, but they did not have any solution to his problem. Then he went to see specialists at Global and Apollo hospitals at Chennai in India. In a hospital bed in India, He has been diagnosed with a certain form of liver cirrhosis. His liver shrunk to a smaller size. It also got harder. It is not functioning normally. The doctors also discovered some blockages inside the blood vessels of the liver. They performed 3 surgeries trying to restore the liver to its normal functioning condition. However, the doctors failed to achieve the desired result. So, now the only option remains is to have a liver transplant.

A costly journey

Liaquat leads a frugal life. He did have some savings for his retirement. But he has been thrust into a journey where he has to spend money in every step of the way. He has lost all of his savings for the following reasons: It has already been more than 1.5 years since he started his treatment. The doctors in Bangladesh tried to treat him initially but all of their efforts went in vain. He had to travel to India to perform 3 surgeries. With each surgery, he hoped his ordeal would end. No health insurance or similar benefits were available to him during his treatment in India. After the death of his brothers, he also became the only surviving brother. He had to extend financial help to his brothers’ families as needed.

The battle plan

We are heart-broken but resilient and determined to fight this battle. There is a lot to consider for a complicated surgery like a liver transplant. • We need to select a donor with a matching liver – a relative is coming forward. • We need to fly Liaquat, the donor, and their families to India and keep them there during the ordeal. • We also need to keep both the patient and the donor in hospital ICU and other facilities for an extended period during post-surgical recovery.

The estimated cost as of now is around $100,000 (US Dollar). We have decided to raise funds using different independent efforts:

Please visit the website for more information: http://saveliaquat.org

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