Nusrat Sharmin Reshma, the meritorious face of the 45th rotation of the Government and Politics Department of Jahangirnagar University, has been infected with chronic disease T-cell lung limphoma (which is mainly left lung cancer) since 2018.

Reshma was treated under family supervision till now with 6 circle chemo therapy, oral chemo therapy and various high dose medicines.

But CT scans and other tests in the past few days have shown that left lung cancer is also affecting the right lung and causing heart blocks. Whose treatment is no longer possible in Bangladesh. The doctor advised to go to India in a quick time to take treatment. Allah forbid otherwise Reshma won't be able to save.

Approximately 60 lakh taka is required for Reshma treatment (after few tests more) which is not possible for the Reshma family.

In this situation, our classmate, friend as well as talented student of 45th rotation Nusrat Sharmin Reshma will come to you to help with the treatment of chronic disease cancer, a little sympathy may be the life of this talented student.

To protect. #রেশমাকে_আমরা_সুস্থ_করবো_এবং_ #আমাদের_মাঝে_সুস্থ_রেশমাকে_ফেরত_আনবো Inshallah.

Those who want to send help, below are the bank account number and Bkash number for them :
MD. ABDUR RAHMAN (Reshma's father)
Account Number:0340101219451
BKash Account (Personal) :01882480437 If bank account is inconvenient, please send via PayPal or Zelle: [email protected]

If you need further information, please contact any of the following:
Imran Khan: email: [email protected]

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Project created on 2/25/2022

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