Mohammad Shahid, age 33, was a contractor in Bangladesh. He had a severe brain stroke and heart attack together on 11th January and he had been in the ICU from January 11th to February 24th. His right side of the body is completely paralyzed and he cannot move any part of his body after the incident! His family lives in Savar. As he is the only son of the family, his father spent so far ~25 lacs for his treatment and it has become extremely difficult for his family to continue the treatment. We just came to know his father has passed away 2 days ago and the family does not have anybody to support. Although there is a slight sign of improvement, he still cannot move any part of his body.

In such a circumstance the family needs dire financial assistance for continuing the treatment of this helpless patient. Please help.

Please Contact Md. Rezaul Hasan ([email protected]) for more details.

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