Our friend Shahriar, a BUET graduate of Batch 88 (Naval Architecture), is diagnosed recently with Carcinoma Caecum and Hepatic Metastasis (stage four). Basically, he has colon cancer which eventually spread further to his liver. His doctors strongly suggested him to immediately start the appropriate treatment protocol which involves surgery to remove metastasis in bowel followed by liver resection and chemotherapy. This type of surgeries could be done overseas in specialized hospitals such as Mount Elizabeth Hospital (MEH) in Singapore. A preliminary estimate shows Shahriar would need approximately $250K - $300K to meet up his treatment expenses.

Shahriar has been blessed with a wonderful life with his wife Maizun Nahar and two brightest daughters – Shaikha Shohuda Tuktuk (3rd year BUET student at Naval Architecture) and Shaiba Shohuda Tuntun (SSC candidate). He began his career in the mid-1995 and worked for Chittagong Drydock Ltd., Department of Shipping, and BIWTA in many positions and capacities leaving behind significant footprints until the mid-2010 when he took volunteer retirement as an Executive Engineer. He pursued advanced studies in Welding Engineering from Nagoya University of Japan under JAICA funding assistance, in addition to participating numerous training programs in the fields of his expertise in Thailand, Srilanka, UAE, Singapore, China, Turkey, and Bangladesh. Currently, Shahriar is an owner and founding Director of Radiant Shipyard Ltd. (RSL) and Radiant Marine Design and Services Ltd. (RMDSL).

Shahriar is a complete gentleman and a talented engineer. Although he is capable to afford his partial treatment expenses, the above estimated amount is impossible for him to bear alone. Therefore, on behalf of Shahriar and his family, we urge you to please come forward and help raising fund for Shahriar’s treatment.

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Project created on 04/23/2021

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