Muhammad Sohel Rana, son of a day laborer Muhammad Zamir Malita, a brilliant and popular student and is now in his 3rd year B.A.(Honors) in the English Department at Bangladesh Islamic University. He has lost both of his kidneys and has been surviving on kidney dialysis twice/week for the last 6 months. The patient’s father is a very poor man and a day laborer at Harinakundu, Jhenidah. He is being treated in the Dhaka Kidney Institute and the authority says if at least one kidney can be transplanted the patient could survive. So the father found a donor from Kushtia who agreed to give a kidney for 6 lakh (Tk. 600,000.00) Taka and another 6 lakh Taka will be needed to complete the operations of both patient and donor. In the meantime patient's classmates, the University authority and local villagers have collected over 4 lakh that will be spent for surgery and treatment costs.

We, a few friends, have collected about one thousand dollars and sent this last month to cover his ongoing dialysis and treatment costs. The patient's father sold his 15 decimals ofland (his last asset) for 2.5 lakh in the meantime to treat his son. This week the father called and has requested for financial help to cover the kidney price (600000.00 Taka or $7,500.00). The patient talked in detail about his health and academic situation recently and he told that if he can return to normal life he will not lose an academic year, which means by next year he can graduate Insha’Allah.

Therefore my dear brothers/sisters, please extend your hands of cooperation in saving the life of a very bright student who might serve Bangladesh in return Insha’Allah. Your contribution through Ankur International is tax deductible.

For further details about Sohel Rana, please contact
Mohammed Riajul Islam

Faculty at Washington State University, Pullman, WA
email: [email protected]
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