Shahana Parveen (64), has recently been diagnosed with late-stage squamous cell carcinoma in her tongue. Latest scans show that malignant growth has spread even on her epiglottis and vallecula. Cancer has progressed dangerously close to her voice-box and lymph nodes. She has been suffering from severe pain, difficulty chewing, swallowing and hoarseness in voice and running potential risk of losing her voice if/when cancer spreads further. Unfortunately, the diagnosis has been very late, and she is not a viable candidate for surgery at this point. She needs to go through a series of chemo-radiation to have any hope of fighting and or containing this lethal disease. Tumor board at Apollo Cancer Centre (Chennai) recommended an expensive concurrent proton radiation and chemotherapy treatment plan to fight her cancerous tumor, while minimizing unwanted radiation on her remaining healthy tissues in her mouth to help her retain as much functionality as possible.

On a related note, Shahana Parveen’s husband, (71) had massive cardiac arrest, bypass surgery and multiple angioplasties, and is suffering from end-stage renal disease for 4 years now and living on dialysis. Mustafa Jamil is the only off-spring of his retired parents’ and have been covering for his father’s dialysis and other medical costs for past several years which tend to reach ~15K-18K per year. Currently, his parents are almost depleted of resources and barely can have their bare necessities taken care of. This family is in urgent need of an estimated amount of Tk ~50 lacs (USD ~60K) to pay for her initial rounds of radiation, chemotherapies, and other ancillary treatment expenses abroad.

Ankur has come forward to raise a fund for this cause. Please contact Bashir Mahmud (503-209-0818) (Email: [email protected]) for any queries for this fundraising.

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Project created on 1/14/2022

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