Information of the local contact
• Full Name: Farhana wasik
• Cell: 469-667-9700
• email: [email protected]
• address: 959 Falcon dr. Allen TX 75013

Information of the Candidate/ Beneficiary
• Goal: Self-dependent by running a dairly farm in Voirob, Norsingdi
• Name of the beneficiary: Ibrahim Kaiser (nickname: Joty)
• DoB: 11/8/1988 (Nov 8th)
• Age: 32 yrs
• Current Status of Employment: None (His cost of living is supported by his siblings)
• Previous Profession: Purchasing Manager, garments industry in Bangladesh
• Family history: Youngest of 4 siblings and only boy among the siblings. Lost his father at the age of 15. Father was a govt. service holder in Bangladesh. No property was left behind for his 4 children when he passed away. Mother is alive and dependent on his siblings.
• Education: BBA, Bachelor in Business administration. Graduated in 2020
• Marital status: Divorced (Date of wedding: 14th Feb of 2020, Month Divorce finalized: Jan of 2021)
• Savings, bank balance etc.: Currently none. Ibrahim was a low income as the garments sector doesn’t pay very well. He was frugal and saved all he could since started earning. A large part was spent on his wedding and the remaining was spent on his living cost since he got health issues in Mar’21.

Ibrahim’s Project towards self-dependency: Dairy Farming
• Current Status: Owns one cow (Gavi) and a calf (boy)
• Details of the cow: Maloti
• Age: 30 months
• Cow Type: Holstein Friesian
• Cost: 2,30,000 BDT in June’21 (The market price of a similar cow is 3 lac BDT, he got it cheaper due to the history/risk.)
• No of pregnancy: 1st successful pregnancy in mid-Aug ’21
• Current milk production rate (since the birth of the calf in mid-Aug’21): 12 liters per day, it will increase to 20 liters or more as the calf grows. After the next successful pregnancy, she is expected to produce 35 liters per day.
• Current earning from mmaloti’s milk: 540 BDT daily (milk selling rate: 45 BDT per liter)
• Cost of Maloti’s feed: 350 BDT daily
• Cost of calf’s feed: currently zero as he is drinking milk only, he will start eating solid at the age of 20/30 days and the cost would be 50 BDT daily.

History of Maloti: She lost a calf in her previous pregnancy, stopped eating after that. In her current pregnancy, she was sick a few months ago and stopped eating so the owner got worried and wanted to get rid of her. Ibrahim was interested in dairy farming, when he heard about Maloti and her story, he felt connected and wanted to purchase for knowing that it could be another lost pregnancy. He cared for him and by the grace of Almightly Maloti responded to Ibrahim’s care, started eating, and gave birth to a healthy calf (picture below) Alhamdullillah. .

Ibrahim’s plan in the next 2 months: Add 2 cows (black and brown ones shown in the picture below), he is caring for them now and seeking funding to purchase them. Each cost 2+ lacs BDT (price not fixed yet)

After he stabilizes with these 3 cows and a calf, he wants to add a few more if funding is available. His goal is to have 10 castles (cows & calf combination) by the end of 2021. This size of the herd will help him reduce feed as he will buy at a larger Qty and increase the earning from milk selling to 55BDT per liter by connecting a brand milk collector. He learned that one person can manage up to 10 castles. By then he will construct a shed on land that he takes a lease on.

Ibrahim’s health Issues & Recovery
1st acute health incident - surgery: Ibrahim started to have extreme stomach pain after dinner on March 18th, 2020. The next day, he went to see a doctor. After the x-ray, he was rushed to an emergency surgery due to intestinal perforation. An autopsy confirmed TB in the small intestine.

2nd perforation happened 3/4 days after the 1st surgery due to another intestinal perforation. Ideally, ileostomy should be done on the 1st surgery but the surgeon (not planned, he was on duty that night) was inexperienced and didn't do ileostomy. 2nd surgery was extremely dangerous, no surgeon wanted to perform it but without it, he would die anyway. By God's mercy, Dr. Munir performed his surgery and was a successful one.

Electrolyte imbalance led to convulsions: Ileostomy patients are at high risk for electrolyte imbalance. That’s exactly what happened to him after 4 weeks of 2nd surgery. He fell on the floor in the middle of the night while going to the bathroom, then had convulsions. After rushing to the emergency, God saved him again. He had to be in ICU for a week and one additional month in the hospital bed to recover.

He came home with an Ileostomy bag. His Ileostomy cut was at the most upper end of the intestine so food was getting out before his body could absorb it, his health was deteriorating quickly. After 2 months, the doctor found him with a critically low weight of 42kg for his height of 5’6”. Asked him to be immediately admitted to the hospital and applied protein saline in the central vein. 2 weeks of such treatments brought him to a stage where the surgeon could consider reverse Ileostomy surgery. The surgery was undertaken with a fear of a poor outcome due to his extreme low weight and physical condition, but it had to be done as soon as possible as his condition was deteriorating. Thanks to Almighty for saving him again Alhamdulillah.

To cure TB, Ibrahim was given Streptomycin injection for over a year along with dozen of other medicines. He stopped these medicine at the end of June’21 after all lab tests coming favorable. Currently taking physiotherapy to help him get back to his full strength.

He doesn't have any income since March of 2020, his newlywed wife left him after he was taken to 2nd surgery. All paperwork for his divorce was finalized in Jan'21. He had several mental breakdowns, had seen a psychotherapist to recover. Physically and mentally he isn't capable to go back to similar jobs he used to do before this health issue.

Recently, he has been spending time in our village in Voirob, Norsingdi where we have relatives. He loves cows, learning the day-to-day activities of caring for cows and maintaining a dairy farm. This is been not only a great therapy for him, but it's also a new beginning. He wants to start a dairy farm and be self-dependent and seeking financial help.

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