The people of Sunamganj lost their way due to the severity of the flood. Millions of people have become waterlogged. Their houses are under water. Locals say there is no way to get safe shelter in the deep water around. One inch of land without water will not be found in Sunamganj district now. "Every house in our area is under water. Water is flowing on the roofs of some houses."

If people are not rescued quickly, the procession of corpses will be seen. The whole country is submerged in water. There is water in all the streets of the district town. The highways connecting Sunamganj have also been submerged in water. As a result, the city is separated. Ankur's volunteers have started relief work with food, water and medicines. Let's stand with these flood victims.

Please contact Shaestagir Chowdhury "[email protected]" for more information.

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