Abu Jafar Saifullah (Mahin), son of GM Jahangir Alam, Mech. Eng BUET Batch 88, has been diagnosed with “Ossifying Fibroma” disease at right maxilla (tumor at upper jawbone of right side of face). Jafar is a student of Notre Dame College Dhaka.


Initial Complain: Painless Swelling on Right Side of Maxilla noticed on 27 March 2017 by his mother. Histopathology Report (after operation) revealed as “Ossifying Fibroma” disease at right maxilla (tumor at upper jawbone of right side of face). Good news, is that it is a B9 non-malignant tumor but seriously hamper the important organs of the body.

Medical Treatment Carried Out by the Specialist Doctor (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, CMH, Dhaka) at Bangladesh: After initial identification on 27 March 2017, consulted with Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon (Major General Golam Mohiuddin Chowdhory, CMH, Dhaka) on 02 April 2017. He was operated on 14 Jun 17 (1st time, last year) for excision of the Lesion (tumor on Right Maxilla). He was operated on 19 Jun 17 (2nd time, last year) on Nasal Antrostomy to establish Sinus (Right Maxilla). His follow up treatment has been undergoing by the specialist doctor at CMH, Bangladesh (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon). But reoccurrence of tumor (Ossifying Fibroma) was confirmed by CT Scan and MRI taken in May 18. The specialist doctor of CMH referred him to undergo further medical treatment from Singapore due to reoccurrence of tumor (Ossifying Fibroma).

Consultation with the Doctors at Singapore: The patient was taken to Assoc Prof Tan Hiang Khoon of Singapore General to undergo further medical treatment on 08 June 2018. He suggested to bring out the complete tumor through operation from his right maxilla (right subtotal maxillectomy) by a medical board with relevant fields. The operation date has been scheduled on 09 July 2018. The operation will be complex due to involvement of multiple sensible organs like eye, nose and teeth to remove the complete tumor. More so, he needs to remove 06 to 07 teeth and repair of eye socket during operation. Reconstruction will also be done during operation. Furthermore, the patient will be needed to go to Singapore for 03 to 04 times for follow up treatment after operation in future. After 1 or 2 years, teeth implantation will be programmed by the specialist doctor of Singapore.

Approx Cost for Treatment at Singapore: Approximate estimated cost for treatment (only operation and reconstruction) will be not less than Sin$ 1,00,000 (one lac Singapore dollar). Further expenditure will be involved for his follow-up medical treatment for 03 to 04 times visit to Singapore as well as for future implantation, which has not yet been estimated by the doctor.

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