On behalf of Ankur, we Sunset High School students are organizing this year’s thanks giving meal for local community. We have confirmation that Meals on Wheel will give a dinner with $7.85 cost. We would like to feed 250 homeless. If you want to participate in this effort you can donate to Ankur. Your donation with intel matching through Benevity is highly recommended and you need to add a comment "thanksgiving dinner 2020". Please send your receipt so we track the fund raised. If each of us can buy 2 meals that’s ~$15. Hope this is not too much to ask. Please donate ANY amount before this Thanksgiving, to Ankur. This COVID season is very harsh on the homeless of Portland, and everyone deserves a thanksgiving meal. Please donate so that homeless people can eat!

One meal matters!!

Please contact Aneeq Chowdhury [email protected] or Shaestagir Chowdhury [email protected] for more details.

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