Life is unpredictable and it can hit you hard with harsh reality. Dr. Md. Habibur Rahman (BUET MME’93) had an excellent career. His life story had all the movie scripts. A brilliant boy coming from village succeeds against all odds and successfully becomes an Engineer from BUET. He doesn’t stop there, he continues his journey. His brilliancy led him to finish Masters and Ph.D. in USA. Successfully lands multiple jobs at multiple companies and starts his career as a Senior Process Engineer at Intel Corporation and then after 9 years joins Samsung. He gets married to the person he wanted (his now wife) and then becomes father of two little boys. He makes sure his siblings gets established, makes sure his parents are well taken care of, he makes sure needy friends and families get the financial help.

We wish this true story continues to have nice continuation. We wish he will be able to support his kids until they are capable of earning by themselves. We wish his wife doesn’t have to think of financial difficulties. We wish his kids will have a nice upbringing without any financial burden. The truth is this story has a tragedy. Our Friend Habib was hit with multiple health scare - heart attack, followed by bypass and then autoimmune disease leading to Lungs failure. In a span of eight months the beautiful movie script took an unpredictable turn. After a long fight, he has breathed his last on the 19th July leaving behind wife, two very young kids, siblings and parents. The very nice life of his wife Rekha and two kids – Rayeed and Ibrahim – has suddenly taken a route which only few has to take. Reality is hitting them hard. They now need to find a way to survive financially and mentally going forward.

His wife has been a housewife all along without much exposure to the most difficult struggles until last eight months. She suddenly has to become a mother as well as father to the kids, an intense supporting wife to an ailing husband while alive. How much she has endured and how much she will endure we have little clue as most of us have never been in the scenario. We would like to ask all people to come forward to financially help Habib’s family in this situation. We want to help her to have a generating income which will give her and two kids some monthly income to survive in USA. Our target number is $180K, which will payoff their debt of their house at Portland.

Please come forward with your helping hands. If your company do the matching, please pay through company matching program. Please make sure to add a comment “Unite for Habib”. This is an important step for Ankur to understand the purpose of the donation.

Rayeed and Ibrahim may have to live a life without a father. They may have to have a childhood which they have never desired. Can we extend our hands to make it easier for them. Will you please come forward?

Besides Pay Pal you can also send a check payable to "Ankur International". Please mention "Unite for Habib" on the check and mail to: 

Ankur International. PO BOX 91460. Portland, OR 97291.

Your donated fund goes to Habib's family 100%.

If you have any question, please contact Bashir Mahmud or Shahriar Akbar.

[email protected]