“Ankur Library Support” helps to support enhancing libraries in Bangladesh. Currently, there are very few libraries in Bangladesh which are mainly supported by the students and residents of the locality. In most of the cases, local residents collect some funds and they volunteer to operate the library. Occasionally, the libraries were shut down because of the shortage of funds for monthly rent. Sometimes, libraries are needed to move to a different place, since they are replaced by other businesses. Thus, the library essentially loses its members and starts from the beginning. The local libraries are generally in a single room, with few books and furniture. The same scenario observed in Dhaka or outside of Dhaka.

At Ankur, we have started a project, called “Ankur Library Support”, to collect books, used laptops, and raise funds to help to revive the libraries in Bangladesh. In the beginning, we are contacting two libraries in Dhaka (Nakhalpara and Paltan) and one outside of Dhaka (Bogra). We will try to provide diversified books, furniture (bookshelves, chairs, tables), laptops, and projectors to those libraries. We will encourage library organizers to involve local residents by organizing social events. Partial monthly rent for the library may be provided given the fund availability and need-basis. Acquiring a permanent place for a library may be possible, given the availability of funds and permanent organizers to manage the library.

Please contact Ashraf Bhuiyan "[email protected]" for more details.

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