Scholarship project titled: ‘Prof. Mohammad Ali Choudhury Memorial Award’ and ‘EEE Alumni Excellence Award’ in the Dept. of EEE, BUET.

Additional project titled: Supporting the development of ‘Mohammad Ali Choudhury Power Electronics Laboratory’ in the Dept. of EEE, BUET.

Ankur International is partnering with the EE/EEE alumni initiative of the scholarship project titled ‘EEE Alumni Excellence Award’ and ‘Prof. Mohammad Ali Choudhury Memorial Award’, dedicated to the memory of late Professor Mohammad Ali Choudhury, who envisioned collaboration between EE/EEE alumni of BUET living around the globe and the Dept. of EEE, BUET. Prof. Mohammad Ali Choudhury sir was a legendary figure, a great mentor as well as a wonderful human being. In his long career of more than 30 years at BUET, he served as the Head and Dean of the EEE department and was known for great teaching, and dedication to continuous enhancement of academic and research environment. His countless instances of helping attitude towards different background of people sound like stories and myths. A truly inspirational figure who died in 2018 bearing cancer.

Before the untimely demise, Prof. Mohammad Ali Choudhury sir envisioned a scholarship project for the undergraduate students funded by EE/EEE alumni members which would solely be determined based on academic performance. The initial guidelines and working policies of the proposal was outlined by him. As Prof. Mohammad Ali Choudhury sir became very sick in late 2017 and early 2018, the project could not get started but a team of EEE alumni member kept following up with the department to realize this project. On January 29, 2021, the project finally got launched with modifications to address the present day needs of the department. The target is to achieve a fund of $500,000 raised within the year 2021 for the scholarship project from the contribution of the EE/EEE alumni members.

Besides the scholarship project, a part of the raised fund will be utilized to support the development of the newly named Power Electronics Laboratory after Prof. Mohammad Ali Choudhury sir. The target is to raise 50 lacs BDT for this purpose by June 2021.

Ankur International is the only partner organization to raise funds from abroad for this project. The collected fund will be directly transferred by Ankur International to a BUET bank account - once it is opened by BUET upon completion of necessary formalities as per its rule.

The details of the project objective, mission, vision, way to contribute, contact details etc. can be found through this webpage:

Contribution links:

1. Matching fund: Please check if your company (like Intel, Microsoft, Google etc.) participates in matching-fund program, and use the appropriate method to maximize your donation by 200% or 300%.

2. For foreign alumni: please use the PayPal/Debit/Credit card option below

3. For local alumni in Bangladesh: please use the sslcommerz option from below

4. For local alumni in Bangladesh: a direct deposit to Sonali bank, BUET branch information will be coming up soon

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