Guidance and counseling is a process of helping an individual become fully aware of his/ herself and the ways in which he is responding to the influence of his/her environment. Counseling is a generic term for any of professional counseling that treats dysfunction occurring within a group of related people. This term describes a preventive system of counseling that works to combat psychological impairment through the improvement and development of community support.

The community that individuals function within can have a significant influence on their identity and connection to others. Our community counselor can work with groups of people experiencing an increased amount of psychological distress to help determine and address the source of the disturbance. Such interventions are used in communities which are poor and unsupported to improve mental health resources. Dysfunctional environments can lead individuals to develop social and psychological impairments. Vulnerable and marginalized populations such as children, minorities, or individuals of a low socioeconomic status are disproportionately at risk of experiencing psychological impairments. Through the holistic treatment of a community, our counselor can help alleviate mental health issues on a large scale. Our community counseling provides leadership for creating better access to mental health services.

Please contact Shaestagir Chowdhury "[email protected]", for more details of our program.

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