“Dola Foundation” Youth STEM School and Kids School

“​Dola Foundation​” is a registered non profit organization in Bangladesh. We are trying to help impoverished people in the society through some projects. Currently, Under “Dola Foundation” two projects are running at Jhenaidah and Magura district of Bangladesh. These are listed below.

1. Kids School at Magura
2. Underprivileged Youth STEM School at Jhenaidah

Brief Description of the Projects:

1: Kids School (2017 - Present): We started this school even before registering our foundation. Currently, we have students in Grade I-II, Youth and Adult program. Most of the students are very poor. We give meal 2 times every month for Grade-I & II students. Total 3 part time teachers are involved in this project. We have adult male and female students and most of them cannot read and write. We help them in their basic education and learning arabic. We also help youth by engaging them in different activities in the afternoon time that helps them to improve their physical and mental growth and become a person of morality and good character. Some pictures from this project are attached below.

Total adult female students : 25
Total adult male students : 28
Total youth students : 35
Total students (Grade-I & II) : 30

Activity of Kids School:

2: Underprivileged Youth STEM School (2018 - Present): We started this school beginning of 2018 and we are helping underprivileged students in the rural area of Jhenaidah district. In the rural area we do not have good mentor for basic science, math, physics, chemistry and biology. In this program we have around 30 science student and 3 part time teachers who are helping these needy students. Ultimate goal of this project is to help these students in terms of science education and help them to get into University. We are hoping these students will be successful in their career and help their families and inspire other kids to follow a similar path in their future. Some pictures from this project are attached below.

Activity of Underprivileged Youth STEM School:

If you have any question, please contact: Munem Hossain: [email protected]

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