Md. Md. Liakat Ali was working as a cashier in Al Arafah Islami Bank at Chuknagar Branch in Khulna. He was the youngest kids among the seven siblings. He lost both his parents at an early age and grew up at his brother's and sister's houses with lot of hardships. He worked at different Bangladeshi organization for last twenty years. He always worked at the frontline with very low pay and lived with other people.

He went through financial hardship throughout his entire life. He got his last job in the bank three years ago and he was indebted with loans from different people to support his family. He needed to travel 4 hours every day to stay with his family and maintain his work at the bank. He did not have the financial luxury to stay nearby the bank.

When he started to enjoy some happiness with his wife and 6 years old boy after so many years of hardship, he had a heart attack and died on April 6,2020. He was 44 years old and left his wife with the baby boy with uncertainty and no financial support .

His wife needs financial assistance to maintain the education and upbringing of this 6 years old boy who lost the shelter on top of his head. Please donate generously to save the family.

For any question, please contact Bashir Mahmud: [email protected]

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