Dear Friends,

As some of you are already informed, our friend Shah Alam, [CE, BUET Batch 89, ex Ahsanullah Hall Resident] passed away on August 31, 2020. He had a massive heart attack while on his way back from a business trip. Unfortunately, none of his family member or friend was there with him during his last breath. Our beloved friend left behind his wife, two daughters, and a son who is in 5th grade. His elder daughter is going to college for her higher secondary and the younger daughter is in 9th grade. Shah Alam was a single earner for the family and supported not only his immediate family but also took care of two mothers and sister's family. Even though he had a decent professional life, because of all the family burden, he could not save much for his children's education and their wellbeing.

In the absence of our beloved friends, it is our moral and social responsibility to provide short-term financial help to his family and ensure uninterrupted education for his children. Our friends in Bangladesh (BUETIAN89) will be working with Shah Alam's wife to set up a long-term educational fund for the children; and also be helping Shah Alam's wife, an architect, finding a job so that she can take the responsibility of the family shortly.

Please come forward and extend your utmost support for Shah Alam's children and his family.



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Subal: [email protected]
Rizwan: [email protected]
Pulakesh: [email protected]
Tarun: [email protected]
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