Manik Molla has been suffering from three major diseases. Two heart blocks have been diagnosed, one is ninety percent and another is ninety-five percent blocked. The heart beats irregularly and more slowly than usual, potentially stopping for up to 15 seconds at a time! The delay and blockage may cause damage to the heart valves. Another issue Third stage Hemorrhoid needing immediate surgery. Third major problem he facing is gallbladder stone. Due to this, he is feeling extreme pain which is sometimes intolerable. Nowadays these has become severe burden issue which require immediate treatment.

But due to his indigent financial condition he is unable to bear treatment cost by himself. So, on behalf of him, I am seeking your help for donation. Your contribution can save not only one life, but a family of six. It would be really great help for he and his family. I hope you would be kind enough to donate for his treatment. Thank you.

Out of three surgeries, he had one surgery done with 60,000 BDT loan.

Please contact Shaestagir "[email protected]" or Rezaul Hasan "[email protected]

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