Hope for the Destitute Women and Children (HDWC) is a small nonprofit non-government organization, providing temporary safe care and services for abandoned pregnant women and children. HDWC also provide day care services and early childhood education programs for children of underprivileged, poor, working mothers. This program aids children under the age of five by preventing injuries, child trafficking, and a life on the streets. Over the years, many families have been blessed, upon being matched with an abandoned child from the organization throughout USA. These adopted children have been given a loving family, who have embraced the child/children as their own. The children have been given a healthy, happy life and are thriving to their fullest. Ankur International with your generous help has come forward to help this social welfare cause. Together we could help the destitute women and children of Bangladesh.

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When writing checks to Ankur International please mention "to help HDWC"

A non-profit organization restoring life of the under privileged, abused, rejected, and exploited pregnant girls/women & their children Providing

  • Safe shelter & medical care
  • Counseling & rehabilitation
  • Legal aids for the victimized women
  • Placement of abandoned infants in adoptive families
  • Day care for children of under privileged working mothers
    Your donation could save a life!
  • A young women when they have nowhere to turn to, barely any hope for a healthy life.
  • Could give an innocent abandoned infant a beautiful life who otherwise might have a life in the street, victim of child trafficking and may be forced to lead an inhuman life. What People Are Saying About Hope for the Destitute Women and Children
  • This organization is remarkable. HWDC have been helping young women during their most sensitive period of life. When they are devastated, has nowhere to turn to and barely have any hope for a healthy life.
  • HWDC will offer them the help they need. HWDC is also providing infants a beautiful life, which would not have been otherwise possible.
  • We cannot help all of them, but we can help few. Let’s do something …
  • These children are not only receiving food and shelter but also other enrichments and above all hope for the future
  • It is amazing to see the great accomplishments of HDWC with such limited resources…
  • HDWC is doing phenomenal job. Please extend your help to her continue this noble venture.

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    For Detail Please Contact : Shaestagir Chowdhury
    Portland, OR
    Email:[email protected]

    Contact Information of HDWC

    In USA: Tanmi Kabir, MBBS, MD
    USA Email:[email protected]

    In Bangladesh : Dr. Dil Ruba, CEO, HDWC.
    Mailing Address: House # 05, Road # 11, Shekhertek; Adabor,
    Dhaka -1207, Bangladesh.
    Telephone number: 02-9134792, 9126259, 8019106280.
    Email Address:[email protected]
    [email protected]
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