Mohammadpur Govt. High School Batch 1986 Scholarship program

The goal of the scholarship is to support inner city students who need help to ensure that they stay in class and complete basic education. Students from grade six and seven (class 6, 7) are eligible for the scholarship. Students with disability, students who are orphans, or from broken/poor families, students who otherwise will have to work, with moderate academic results get preference. Other criteria includes satisfactory class attendance rate, final exam result from previous year as well as parents’ consciousness regarding the importance of education for their children.

For selected students, this scholarship continues up to Class XII (Twelve) to secure their education up to higher secondary certificate (H.S.C.) examination. Endowed scholarship funds can be created with gifts totaling an amount of BDT 24000 per year (BDT 2000 per month) for each student. Alumni of the school operate this scholarship program with collaboration from the school authority. Scholarship application forms are distributed in school and a selection committee selects the most deserving applicants based on the criteria. Number of scholarship is limited due to availability/sustainability of funds.

Please contact Mahmood Alam ([email protected]) for more details.

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