Modhupur School, Feni, Bangladesh

A good school can equip a person with the power to make fundamental change not only in his/her own life but can instigate a broader change in many peoples lives. Unfortunately many schools in Bangladesh lack basic infra-structure to provide education and hence many potential merits remain under-evaluated. In light of this situation, SpaandanB has undertaken a number of school development projects where the main idea is to build basic infra-structure and provide related material support to create an environment conducive to better education. Modhupur school development is one of such projects. Ankur international has come forward to support Modhupur School Development and continue supporting the annual running cost. Modhupur school, located in Feni, was established in 2000. The school has three classrooms and one office room. SpaandanB has provided or planning to provide support in the following improvement fields-

  • Extension of the building by making two more class rooms
  • Development of the school land
  • Procurement of books for library, sport equipments for extra-curricular activities
  • Incentive bonus for teacher

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