There are many ways to help people in need. You may have heard that Char area of Bangladesh are much sufferer than the main land. We will tell you a story about Hatiya Char (Island). This area has been a neglected one for many years. Many women today do not have cloth to wear. Many do not get food at all. Bangladesh got freedom, but still we have to fight. Fight for giving these women cloth, fight for giving these children food. This is nothing new in Bangladesh but Chor area is much severe than we can imagine. We came across a person Rashidul Hai who has been there in this chor area almost every day after his retirement. He used to be an officer of Bangladesh Govt.. Mr. Hai is distributing food and shelter for these people. Besides major needs, he has built a girls school, completely with his personal motivation, and has started a few projects. (1) Food for hunger (2) Cow for poor family. (3) Clean water Providing food for hungry people at local school.

Medical treatment-

In the village area, poor people can’t go to doctors since they cannot pay the fees though it is not a big amount. Mama has arranged a qualified doctor who sees patients once a week free of cost. He is being paid 5000 taka for each day. Patients want medicine free of cost. At the moment Mama is helping four patients in Dhaka in different hospitals. One of them had heart problems and needed angioplasty costing 1,50,000.Now he wants money to go home, buy food and medicine. Other three patients are admitted in Dhaka medical and undergoing treatment which includes various types of pathological tests, medicine and bed charges. Approximate fund- 3 lakhs taka ($4000)

  • Drinking water source ( Deep Tubewell) - Scarcity of drinking water is an ongoing problem with people from "chor" region. Each tube well sinking costs around 50 thousand taka which is around 700 dollars. Approximate fund- 50,000 Taka ($700)
  • Toilet - 3 chamber toilet with big safety tank requires around 200,000 taka.
  • Restore /rebuild houses for homeless - Each unit of tin-shed house with a kitchen and temporary toilet require around 150,000 taka.

    One point you all should consider, if we support this kind of project we are saving many people altogether.

    You can cooperate with providing the funding

  • Food for hunger
  • Cow for poor family
  • Clean water .
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