An Appeal

I am appealing in such a condition that compelled me to hang between life and death. Doctors first detected my metastatic breast cancer in 2018. Right breast and all lymph nodes were affected. After seeing my biopsy reports, doctor did the surgery. Chemotherapy was given in 9 cycles, though it was decided to give more cycles but doctors could not give it as I got affected by pneumonia…lungs had a little metastasis…Anyway, God saved me then. After this, radiation therapy was given. Target therapy was continued along with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Herceptin injection was given as target therapy (price 83,900 taka). Total 17 Herceptin injections I had to take. Along with these many more tests were done. In the month of March in 2020, this treatment got ended. I thought it’s done. Already almost 35 lac taka is gone. I am a single mother with two children (the elder is 13 years).

My mom is also sick. I had to manage this in a very tough way. Then again came the bad news in October,2020. The report of PET CT scan showed that there is a local recurrence in right breast and left breast also got affected. Doctor told me to take chemotherapy and immunotherapy again. KADCYLA injection and other oral medicines cost a lot(per injection 3 lac)…This treatment will continue for 2 years…I shall have to do surgery again…I have to go to India or Singapore for better screening or treatment. All of this processes cost a lot… In a whole, I am in a great dilemma….So, I am asking help …..I don’t know what to do….

Please contact my friends Lutfe Siddiqui "[email protected]", Tanvir Ahmed "[email protected]", and Shaestagir Chowdhury "[email protected]" for more details.

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