"Save-a-family" is a project to identify a really needy/broken family and provide a suitable means so that they can work independently or earn to live rather than beg or do illegal activities for their basic needs, food, and shelter. Through sincere intention and dedication, this project helped more than 20 families in various capacities like donating- Rickshaw, sewing machine, fishnet and accessories for fishing, mobile small grocery store and so on. Some of them did well and some did not. However, we are committed and conduct this effort selflessly.

Over the years, Save-a-family project expanded the opportunities in some other directions too. They built a house for an elderly deaf person who was homeless, setup small business, provide monthly education allowance to 11 families so that they keep their children to school rather than force them to work for the family.

For more information and question, please contact Monirul Islam "[email protected]".  

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