An appeal to save Mukta Mozumder

Mukta Mozumder, an young girl, lost her both kidneys and struggling to survive. From last 13/06/2020 to date, various examinations, doctor visits, hospital bills, dialysis, catheter and fistula operations, medicines, accommodation, car rental have already cost around 4 lakh BDT. Now the cost of dialysis, blood injection, medicine, house rent, food will be 60-70 thousand BDT per month till the transplant. Mukta and her family have been going through physical and mental suffering.

If we can transplant as soon as possible, Mukta can slowly return to normal life by the grace of God. Doctors say the cost of post-transplant treatment will gradually decrease. Then the cost of follow-up of the doctor, various tests and medicines will be higher at the beginning. The cost will come down after a few months.

At present medical expenses are making the family financially weak. As the months go by, the family will become weaker. So it is important to get funding as soon as possible. Some patients who are experienced this treatment have said that the family need to prepare for the transplant with a fund of 40 lakh BDT.

With the cooperation of all of you, this impossible task can be possible for Mukta's family. Please extend your hand of cooperation through donate, share, invite. Mukta's family will be eternally grateful to you.

Please contact Ehsan Nazim "[email protected]" or Shaestagir Chowdhury "[email protected]" for any question.

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